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Atlantic Dental Wellness: Home of PowerPlay Sports Dentistry | Holistic Dentistry | Cosmetic Dentistry | Port Jefferson

Welcome to the Virtual Office of Leonard T. Fazio, DDS, IAMFD, IAOMT

Atlantic Dental Wellness: Home of PowerPlay Sports Dentistry.


Our Team

Our experienced and highly-trained staff is made up of caring and motivated professionals who work together as a team to bring you the highest quality biological dental treatment in a healthy, warm, and supportive setting.

We offer comprehensive dental care, including cosmetic / esthetic restorations, as well as general dentistry services for the entire family, professional athletes and weekend-warriors alike. With as little as one visit, you can start your journey toward a happier , healthier HOLISTIC SMILE.

We provide the following services:

"I know Dr. Fazio personally and consider him to be a dedicated, well trained, experienced and skilled holistic dentist. I am impressed with the depth of his knowledge and understanding about the critically important relationship of oral to overall health and his ongoing effort to educate his patients. He also utilizes this knowledge when designing the treatment of his patients.

His concern for his patients' health, his on-going training in holistic and cosmetic dentistry along with his commitment to safely remove amalgam fillings, makes him ideally suited to remove and replace them. I am especially impressed with this environmentally friendly approach to his dental practice and I recommend him to anyone seeking a caring holistic and mercury free dentist...."

- Dr. Tom McGuire
Founder, International Association of Mercury Free Dentists

Why I Choose Dr. Fazio

"I have known Dr. Fazio for ten years.  I choose him to treat myself and my children.  He is the dentist that I recommend for all my patients.

As a naturopathic doctor with fifteen years of experience, I have seen the potentially devastating results of inappropriate dental care.

I have seen patients with partial teeth left from extractions.

I have seen children with strep infections from infected dental environments.

I have seen people with heavy metal toxicity from toxic fillings.

Perhaps worst of all, I have seen patients damaged from callous, defensive and insecure dentists and dental staff.

No doctor is ever perfect, but what we can ask of our doctors and dentists is that that truly care, listen to our concerns, and do their best to help us.

Len is that dentist.  From his specialized clean rooms with air filtration, to his extra training in holistic dentistry, to his selection of gentle and caring staff . . .

Len is committed to giving the best dental care available anywhere.  A referral to his office is one of the best gifts I give my patients."

- Dr. Steve Nenninger, ND, NMD, CD

Thank you for choosing us to be your dental care providers! Call us to make an appointment: (631) 474-7477